Friday, August 9, 2013

Okay kids, listen up. This is a big deal. These are some preview images from a graphic novel I'm working on with writer and good friend, Timothy Compton. It's called Monster City and I'll be previewing bits and pieces of it here as we shop for a publisher, or we may decide to make the whole thing available digitally. Either way you'll be the first to know if you check in here regularly. 

We're really hopeful that this is gonna catch on and take the indie comics world by storm. The story is phenomenal, in my opinion, and I'm trying to make the artwork do it justice. It's a neo-noir crime drama with supernatural elements, and re-imagines the classic monsters of literature and film, putting them in a more modern world of cults and organized crime. Intrigued? Then stay tuned for more!

Oh yeah, and check out Tim's other projects at

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